Chairman Speech

Chairman Speech

Chairman Speech

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Dear investors, Hello Hello, everyone!

Dengfeng is located among the world, both Yu hometown, the capital of Yangcheng is located, it is a veritable cultural village Dayu China. Yu grew up in Dengfeng, flood control in Dengfeng, home in Dengfeng, capital in Dengfeng, Dengfeng too much room mountain territory, Shaoshi, namely because Dayu named. Yu Dengfeng existing 60 multiple cultural relics, myths and legends over 60 Dayu, the legendary national cultural relics Dayu most concentrated, the most abundant of the county.

In 2005, Yu was named Dengfeng ten historical celebrities. January 2, 2008, Dengfeng was named the China Association of Chinese People Dayu cultural village. In 2011, Yudu Yang Dengfeng city has been rated top ten cultural symbols. In 2011, Yu myth Henan Provincial People's government announced the Henan Province-level intangible cultural heritage.

As Yu hometown and Capital City location, Dengfeng Yu Cultural historic, classic pluralism, context clear, profound meaning, the root causes of cultural origins, conclusive of the literature, the Archaeology of classical myths and legends far-reaching, and many other characteristics of diversity, the richness of cultural heritage, cultural heritage continuity, cultural influence.

I was born in Dengfeng, long in Dengfeng, Dayu mind the story of the world common Zhantiandoude accompanied by his childhood, Dayu selfless hard work, courage and dedication, the courage to take on the entrepreneurial spirit inspired look for a job themselves. 2014, the Henan provincial government issued a "support the construction of Chinese history and civilization of Dengfeng City, inheritance and innovation demonstration project view" after, inspire, in August 2014 registered the "Henan Yu Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd.", registered funds 1.6888 billion. Main business areas are: cultural studies and media Yu, Yu cultural and artistic exchanges and exhibition, Yu Cultural Industry Investment and Trade, Yu tourism product development and sales, Yu Cultural industry consulting and training.

Culture is the carrier of the spirit, the spirit is the soul of a nation. Yu hopes to excavate and study cultural resources, promote and spread the spirit of Cheng Dayu flood control, Dengfeng truly become the world's historical and cultural tourism city, economic development to contribute their strength, "Xia Yu culture and culture is bound to usher in a deepening of the study New Era, under the new situation of cultural studies and corporate social play to explore cooperation in a new way. Yu hometown cultural industry park will be able to become Chinese history and civilization heritage of innovative demonstration projects a bright pearl.

"China Yu hometown Cultural Industry Park Master Plan" has been formed, plans to invest 6.1 billion yuan. Functional layout of the whole industrial park into six sections: 1, Yu hometown village area, 2 Yu-American heritage district, 3, Yu in Mandarin area; 4, Yu drug dependent regions (including Baicaoyuan); 5, Yu track experience area; 6, Yu hometown tourist hub service area.

The current development is focused on the establishment of Yu Yu Cultural Square Industrial Park, Yu statue, Yu Cultural Academy and so on. Dayu culture to the ruling culture, military culture, ancient science and technology as the background, the development of related industries, cultural heritage and promoting Yu, Yu hometown tap the potential of culture, the cultural industry park Dengfeng Yu hometown fight the Chinese culture a jewel to have a tremendous social and economic benefits.

Dayu development of cultural industries is a significant ambitious project, we warmly welcome people to join investment, create brilliant.

Chairman: Wang Qingshan

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