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Park profile

Park profile


First, the regional transportation situation

Dengfeng is located between the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Pingdingshan, Xuchang, forming a "one-hour traffic circle", State Road 207, 316,323,237 provincial highway through the territory, Zheng Shaoluo, Yongdeng speed criss-board letters connected with the Beijing-Guangzhou railway, the Longhai, Jiaozhitielu trunk, Yu Teng, Dengfeng Zhengzhou airport to board the fast-track high-speed and Zheng is under construction, the formation of easily accessible, convenient and efficient transportation network. Dengfeng City, about 60 km from Xinzheng International Airport, 60 km from Luoyang civil airport, enjoy the open space docking transportation advantages.

Click to enlarge China Yu hometown Cultural Industry Park is located in Dengfeng City West Tourism New City, at the junction of old and new town. Park, 55 kilometers west of Zhengzhou, 70 kilometers west of Luoyang, located in the heart of Central junction of two cities. Park, 12 kilometers south of the temple, six kilometers west of San Juan Village, 6 km east of Songyang Academy, on the core area in Dengfeng tourist center of the junction, the park's excellent location, next to the park to undertake three major scenic spots tourists and offers the possibility of coordinated development.

Park, east of State Road 207, 316 provincial highway southwest Pro, from high-speed Luo transnatured Dengfeng Nishishita station two kilometers north Shaolin Avenue, east built Bixi Road, city road Ying River Road through Habitat and external transportation convenient access to the park can be strong, both inside and outside the central city of the province rapid distribution of foreign tourists has laid a solid transportation infrastructure. Dengfeng whole future urban development and tourism development, geographical location and traffic advantages parks are very prominent.

Second, the natural and geographical conditions

(A) topography: Dengfeng in central mountains in west Yudong Plain transition to hilly areas to the north and the yellow earth mound hills connected Ruhe valley south of the north, east Yudong Plain, west to the right of the Iraqi valley edge. Landforms within complex and diverse, varied, hilly area can be divided into the northern and southern hilly area and Dengfeng gully three parts. Mountains, hills, valleys, basins, plains both. Projects in hilly areas, flat terrain area, river flows north-south direction.

(B) climatic conditions: a warm temperate monsoon climate mountain by Mongolia cold pressure, heat low pressure, high pressure and warm and cold polar continental air mass, the Pacific subtropical air mass with four distinct seasons. Hot and rainy summer, cold and dry winter, less wind and rainy spring, warm autumn day and cool nights. Dengfeng weather over the years according to statistics: the average annual temperature of 14.5 ℃, the hottest month (July) average 26.4 ℃, the coldest month (January) average 0.4 ℃. The average annual precipitation 604.6mm, subject to the direction and wind speed affect the mountains, five in September when more easterly and southeasterly winds, ten 到 April more westerly and northwest wind.

(C) Soil Rock: brown soil zone generally distributed, cinnamon and sand three categories. There are granite rock, shale, soil barren area, vegetation coverage small, sand dredging phenomenon mostly large bunkers gully area.

(Iv) Hydrological River: little river River area known as summer shop, located on the left side of the Ying River River basin area of ​​121.6 square kilometers, less River originates Shaoshi Mountain, west Baofeng Temple Springs, this ladder ditch . After Shaolin Temple, Guodian, Tien Temple and West shilipu and mazhuang, Gengzhuang, Village, any village, guocun, Beizhai into Ying Hua Zhendong NATO 300 meters to the east. A total length of 24.1 km. Which flows through downtown Dengfeng length of 3.0 km, the river slope above the reservoir by the Shaolin 1/79, 1/45 to Beizhai bed flat wide average of 70 meters. Is a seasonal river, flood season Douzhang steep drop, the dry season all stop. The annual average flow of 0.05 cubic meters per second.

(E) plant resources: Vegetation types range area, the main ecological species are pine, Chinese pine, arborvitae, hemp oak, black locust, poplar. Forest tree species have persimmon, peach, apricot and so on. Rosemary shrubs, wood and other Jing. Planning combining the characteristics of the project area, and take full advantage of plant resources, increase economic efficiency.

Third, the historical and cultural profile

Dengfeng has a long history and splendid culture, China's first dynasty Xia Dynasty capital in Yangcheng, that today concluded as Dengfeng, "Dengfeng", "concluded as" AD 696 due to Wu Zetian "landing" Songshan, "closed" Zhongyue , great service "rolled together" and the name, change Songyang County Dengfeng County, to Yangcheng County Gaocheng county, Jin Dengfeng County, the County into two. Dengfeng is the birthplace of China five thousand years of culture. Peiligang, Yangshao, Longshan culture here are distributed. Dengfeng is the famous "heritage village", there are 21 national key cultural relics protection units, Henan Province, 17 key cultural relics protection units, including the Shaolin Temple, Zhongyue Temple, Songyang Academy, Observatory, Song Yue Temple, Han three Que, Tallinn Shaolin Temple, the Spring and Autumn Yangcheng sites and the Xia Dynasty capital Wangchenggang sites, such as, high cultural value of the rare genus.

Yu hometown culture industry Yuanyuan ancestral village area there are many historical and cultural sites of Dayu, such as interest soil Kong, New Zealand stone stone, Yu Ling, Yao ditch, summer, the ominous stone, called Libra, Taurus peak, YuWang Temple. Que Kai mother inscriptions which chronicles the total of workers, Gun, and the situation Dayu Dayu three past his home without deeds, and chronicles the rise and fall of the summer tribal appear mother and Yu Kai Han Dynasty ritual when Auspicious and so that future generations will always remember the mother and Yu Kai feat.

Fourth, the Socio-economic Profile

Dengfeng City, in 2013 GDP reached 45.1 billion yuan, an increase of 9.1 percent over the previous year; scale industrial added value 27.7 billion yuan, up 10.3%; local public budget revenue 2.71 billion yuan, an increase of 13.1%; total fixed assets invest 29.3 billion yuan, an increase of 23.3%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 13.66 billion yuan, up 14.1%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 21,518 yuan, an increase of 8.8%; rural per capita net income of 12,322 yuan, an increase of 10.8%.

Continue to optimize the industrial structure, 23 billion yuan more than the focus of all construction projects, the annual investment of 3.04 billion yuan, an increase of 11%.

Accelerate the pace of agricultural industrialization, the annual agricultural output value of 2.1 billion, an increase of 3.6%; annual foreign capital actually utilized 99.45 million US dollars; the introduction of extraterritorial domestic fund 8.28 billion yuan, an increase of 37.4%.

High-tech industrial added value 3.14 billion yuan, an increase of 32.5%; speed the development of the service sector, 11.6 billion yuan in fixed assets investment, the added value of 12.2 billion yuan, an increase of 9.4%;

Park range consists of three villages, namely, King Village, South Village ancestral village in recent years, economic growth in tourism Dengfeng pulling the average annual income of farmers, with an annual net income of the three villagers breakthrough ten thousand Yuan, families have built more than two small buildings, farmland mostly cash crops, the regional distribution of specific gravity sand, sand dredging phenomenon more economic benefits to the villagers but also destroyed the local ecology surroundings.

Fifth, tourism development status

In recent years, Dengfeng to build the world's historical and cultural tourism city to promote economic restructuring and development of social, cultural, tourism industry gradually increased driving force, Time Value of heavy cultural heritage has become increasingly prominent. 2013, Dengfeng annual foreign tourists 9,580,000 passengers, an increase of 10.1%; the first half of 2014, the city reached 4.95 million tourists trips, ticket sales 460 million yuan, 3.7 billion yuan of tourism revenue. Dengfeng tourism after decades of development, has made great achievements. Dengfeng mature source markets and tourism environment, Yu Cultural Park project development and laid a huge source of advantage.

China Yu hometown cultural industry park in its infancy, there is no tourist reception area, infrastructure and service facilities required to gradually building. Dayu cultural sites in the region are more profound culture, it has a good foundation for the development of cultural tourism and the environment, with the development of culture and leisure, cultural holiday product potential. Northwest Park forest vegetation coverage rate is higher, the ecological conditions are very good background, mountains, water, combined with the forest, with the development of eco-leisure, health conditions of travel products.

Sixth, land development and utilization

China Yu hometown cultural industry park total area of ​​3.8 square kilometers, of which 8.5% village land for construction, mining (sand) land accounted for 20 percent, accounting for 29% of agricultural and forestry land, flood land accounted for 10%, other non-construction land (idle land) 32.5%.

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