Dayu Industrial park

Innovative ideas

Innovative ideas

Innovative ideas


(A) in Dayu culture as its theme, innovative leisure products

The need to integrate the development of tourism and cultural resources with distinct characteristics, around the main line to build creative cultural tourism projects to achieve popular gathering, creating continued attractiveness of the tourism market. Traditional tourism projects based on static display, reflecting only the tourism function, lack of experience and depth in the touring. With the diversification of technology advances and people's needs, modern tourism with the new requirements. If you want to give a traditional culture with vitality, strengthen the competitiveness of tourism projects, the need to local culture and world-class brands, technology and capital efficient docking, the introduction of high-tech as a technical means, using situational experience, cartoon image, creative ideas, gameplay , film scenes, creative personality merchandise, ecological landscape architecture and rich cultural resources acting static activation up to that was presented to the tourists the perfect depth cultural experience.

The park will create Dayu cultural relics sites, legends based, Dayu culture, country and culture, roots pro-culture, farming culture, science and technology, culture, folk culture as the background, the history, culture and landscape, a variety of leisure Format combining to create cultural tourism, cultural experience, style recreation, ecological recreation, leisure and other country; combined with modern high-tech means to create dynamic entertaining cultural theme park.

(Ii) the development of Dayu cultural depth experience area, build recreational gathering group format

In the building in the heart of the tourist area, with Yu culture for clues, based on reducing Yu life situations; to highlight the achievements of Yu as the core content, using the six techniques to create bigger QUICKER Dayu culture, form the core structure of cultural experiences :

Yu life scenes of - reduction of Xia King City life scene: Through the transformation and upgrading hometown projects, build a complete life scenarios, so that visitors to fully feel the breath of Dayu in this life.

Dayu story contextualization - "Dayu" scene reconstruction: the Dayu main story line, through the recovery scenario, silicone real, relief and other means to build a complete sparse nine river Yu, Guan Yu chisel Huan House, Yu lock dragon and other classic scenes.

Dayu cultural creativity and participation - Creative Workshop and COSPLAY: Visitors can do it yourself, in Dayu workshop in order to make Yu themes related products. You can also dress themselves in person, after his fine cut in order to comprehend the meaning of creation, in order to experience hands-on fun, feel the summer cultural charm.

(C) the extension of the development meeting business, art performances and other cultural and creative industries

In Dayu cultural background, select Dayu culture cultural achievements of a representative, and the creative industries combined, through cultural tourism, convention business, training education, performing arts, and digital entertainment five areas, relying on science and technology, culture, market and so on all aspects of the overall innovation to promote the coordinated development of Dengfeng City, the economic, social and cultural, as well as to enhance the overall optimization and upgrading of traditional industries.

(D) driving around the high-end leisure and real estate development

With the overall functionality of the entire area of ​​the building, setting resorts, country inn, estate, lodging style commercial street, business, entertainment and reception facilities, the overall project area through interactive, real estate development driven culture. Where high-end resort reception and resort real estate, in order to reflect the Hermit mountain hideaway style tone, reflected in seclusion Wonderland resort atmosphere through bamboo, flowers, garden, lakes, streams, water tankers and other visual effects, and blend in the feng shui philosophy Among the resort layout, build Yu hometown resort area.

(V) combined with the new urbanization, promote the comprehensive development of the region

Leveraging urbanization and new rural construction opportunity to combine the interests of local farmers, attracting the active participation of local villagers infrastructure, finishing building structure existing villages, development of rural folk tourism. In the new rural reconstruction drive around the countryside and common development, deep processing of agricultural products to increase the added value, the development of fruit and vegetable picking, fishing and other rural countryside rides. Promote rural development through tourism, to solve rural problems.

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