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Yu Wang Shuo


Yuwang mountains ax ax also known, has a long history, is the most famous Yu Wangwu surgery one instrument, Yu humanities ancestors of the Chinese nation, the founding ancestor, his life flood control, statehood, was brilliant. Dayu free access to fish, horizon heaven, Jesus Christ Yong Lai, Yu called the great national hero. Legend Dayu, rely mainly on a few pieces of jewels: God mountains ax, sword to avoid the water, river maps, jade Jane, Stand like. Mountains god Pangu ax is said to be used, when transmitted to Yu to flood control. Legend Dayu God ax with mountains mountain stone quarry, also used this ax chop Chuyao Jiao, Yu Meng door may have been split, the goal 'three, Yique, so that by the Yellow River flood rolling down flows into the East China Sea. XIA Qi Yu's son who took the Songshan mountains split the next peak of its long live the east side of the house three Shimen, this valley is still called Shimengou, Shimen Mizoguchi now there grinding stone ax, stone ax again. Later, people imitate mountains cut Jiao Dayu action, compose the Yuwang ax, has spread so far.

The main techniques are split Yuwang ax, cover, cut, stopped, tease, red, belt, pick and so on. Yu Wang Dengfeng ax long especially widespread in the Songshan area, each "teacher nest" that generations of traditional martial arts village martial arts, such as Yu hometown ancestral village, near the city of Octagon 禹都阳 village and camel cliff, mill ditch Village boxer who regularly practice the ancient yuwang ax. Fifteenth day before "downtown throttle" show gorilla strange, that there are boxer ax and orangutans use yuwang strange sparring. Yuwang ax as a traditional weapon, has a profound cultural heritage and high cultural value, is important Songshan martial arts heritage.

Action Name

First paragraph

First, the preparation of formula (Tigers bless)

Second, the separation plant fist held lance (Yu casting Jiuding)

Third, turning hack lance (Yu chisel gantry)

Fourth, the knee with lance (Mountain Cliff)

V. tease about lance (Minshan down the river)

Sixth, lunges pick lance (oxen help Yu)

Seven, squatting step cover lance (Yu Hayashi)

Eight vacated stamp lance (Jianghan Chaozong)

Nine, lunges frame lance (will power off the crime)

Second paragraph

Ten, horse split lance (according to Lord river)

XI jump hack horse lance (wrong gorge cut the dragon)

XII stitch cut even further lance (three had died in)

Thirteen, stand up jump hack lance (Yu avoid Yangcheng)

Fourth, crouch step poke lance (Yu please assistant)

Fifth, lunges frame lance (Shun Wang visit to Xian)

Sixteen, under false step grid lance (Chong primary attunement)


XVII cloud lance lunge with lance (on behalf of the nursing sister)

Eighth, knee lift lance push palm (Tu Assembly)

Ninth, lunges stamp lance (Yu as degrees)

XX flower dance steps left servants sweep lance (Yu Shu nine River)

XXI jump Huanbu right-lance servant sweep step (Yu Shu nine River)

XXII, about knee with lance (meritocracy)

Xxiii, false step jab lance (smell good then worship)

XXIV joint stamp step lance (Yu provision Yique)

XXV, cloud lance seated step sweep lance (Rehoboth granted map)

XXVI, knee side frame lance (labor body Jiaosi)

Fourth paragraph

Xxvii, cloud lance after knee lift (yuwang books)

Xxviii, seated step pick lance (Zi Tong Yu help)

Twenty-nine, cloud lance lunge sweep plow (Yu Wang Jiao lock)

Thirty, dancing flower lunge stand lance (Mainstay)

Thirty-one, income potential (Tigers bless)

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