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Yu Wang Lei

Yu Wang Lei

Yu Wang Lei


Yu Wang Lei is a common weapon of Songshan area, a working tool was originally Dayu time, it is made of relatively tough a two pronged dig into the tool, as a wooden double tooth dig Soil tools very early origin. "Book • copulative," said Shen Nong "rubbed wood for Lei", "before making plows, Christians farming." "Huainan" said:. "When Yu, the world flood, Yu Lei basket enforcement to the people first", "Han • ditch Xu Zhi" said:. "For Lei cloud, rain drainage must" in order to see water conservancy of things, are also present in Lei. Lei later evolved into arable land with the tools, namely wood on the plow, and the lower part of the plow is called plow, Oracle, the "plow" as the pictograph, depicts the approximate image treat wooden plow, and on the double tooth a crossbar, to the foot of the show when you use to facilitate Lei teeth buried in the bar.

Dayu, often with a plow, lance and other tools to take the lead, run around in the flood site, made an example for everyone. "Han Feizi • Five Bookworms" said: "Yu Wang Tianxia also, Lei Lei enforcement body to the people first." With the development of the times, in order to keep fit, people Songshan imitation Dayu Lei labor enforcement actions, innovations the Yu Wang Lei. In addition to slack practice, the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival thanks to friends, when the hook community, and often show. Yu Wang Lei's basic movements have stamp, stitch, stab, hack, pick, insert, etc., when the exercise vigorous and effective action, offensive and defensive combination of martial arts weapons is one of the representatives. Shaolin martial arts in the two forks, also known as asparagus fork, which combine Yu Wang Lei and three forks of action evolved.

Now Jinsuo road Zhengzhou High-tech Development Lei Yu Wang sculpture, showing the people and ancestors Dayu entrepreneurship, professionalism admiration.

Action Name

First paragraph

First, prepare the formula

Second, it turned bright Lei (Rehoboth granted map)

Third, the lid jump lunge stamp Lei (Tigers bless)

Fourth, lunges Tibetan Lei (yuwang books)

Fifth, skip step lunge thorn plow (Minshan down the river)

Six turned dance whirl Lei (Yu Shu nine River)

Seven horse plow cut (Yu provision Yique)

Eight, after inserting interpolation step Lei (Yu cut windproof)

Nine, dance whirl stamp Lei (Yu chisel gantry)

Ten, squatting step beat Lei (beheaded phase Liu)

XI, with step three plow (according to Lord river)

XII knee bright Lei (Mainstay)

Second paragraph

Thirteen, lunges tease plow (to Yin Yu)

Fourth, insert step back plow (something too much room)

XV knee thorn plow (wrong gorge cut the dragon)

Sixteen, lunges with a plow (Yu raw stone Zealand)

XVII lost momentum (three had died in)

Eighth, jump lunges thorn plow (Yu avoid Yangcheng)

Ninth, lunges tease plow (Azusa child help Yu)

XX dancing flower lunge split plow (Yu chisel the stone)

XXI lunge plow frame (Jianghan Chaozong)


XXII, horse plow cut (Yu please assistant)

Xxiii, around cloud Lei (Yu draw Kyushu)

XXIV jump plow body lunge pick (visit to Xian Shun Wang)

XXV, lunges grid Lei (Yu Wang Jiao lock)

XXVI, split lunges Lei (meritocracy)

Xxvii, under high false step cut plow (Chong primary attunement)

Fourth paragraph

Xxviii, jump squats next step insert plow (fire dragon)

Twenty-nine, comic three plug plow (Control Hanjiang)

Thirty, cloud plug lunge move plow (five fingers of the peak)

Thirty-one, income potential (Yudu Yang City)

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