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Yu Wang Sword

Yu Wang Sword

Yu Wang Sword


Yu Wang Jian is widely circulated Songshan famous fencing. Legend Dayu, a few treasures, Hetu, Yu-Jane, mountains ax god, avoid water sword, Stand, etc. These are all Rehoboth, Fuxi, and other immortals teach Yu's. Yuwang precisely to avoid the water with sword caught evil dragon, and lock it into deep wells.

Yu Wang was later samurai sword humanities ancestors, founding start 祖大禹 when flood water used to prove safety to avoid open water, the demon slayer tale for the material, a fencing sword in ancient times to form the basis of action, spread so far In 3000 years. Yu Wang Jian, in the long years through constantly enrich and improve and finishing, and finally the formation of a complete system, with high attack power, fast, accurate characteristics, unique techniques, management skills, style and features.

Yu Wang Jian long especially widespread in Dengfeng Songshan area, each "teacher nest" that generations of traditional martial arts village martial arts, such as Yu hometown ancestral village, near the city of Octagon 禹都阳 village boxer who will be a considerable part Yu Wang Jian, and some descendants of Yu Chuang Po as ancestral surname, surname Yi Yi Bay, Octagon boxer surnamed Han who is the sword YuWang heritage as their responsibility.

Yu Wang Jian, as self-defense, fitness sports, both with a strong combat capability, but also has a high historical value, is an important part 禹王武 surgery.

Yu Wang Jian action name

First paragraph

First, prepare the formula

Second, the opening step bright potential (Yu as degrees)

Third, the cloud collapse stand sword sword insert step (yuwang visit to Xian)

Fourth, cut wrist flower jump lunge stab sword (Minshan Island River)

V. stitch sword sword lunge point (yuwang punish python)

Six stitch step squats collapse wrist flower sword (Yu avoid Yangcheng)

Seven vacated stab sword (Yu chisel gantry)

Eight, kneeling step with the sword (Wanwei was Jane)

Nine, stitch step horse hands pick Sword (oxen help Yu)

Ten, lunges stab sword (Yu chisel the stone)

Second paragraph

XII sword even step stitch point (three had died in)

XIII vacated cutting sword Arrow missile (wrong gorge cut the dragon)

Fourth, wearing a sword false step hack sword (Tigers bless)

Fifth, Ding Jian step points (Chong primary attunement)

Sixteen, split lunges sword (according to Lord river)

XVII mention knee cut sword (will power off the crime)

Eighth, split lunges sword (Yu Shu nine River)

Ninth, cloud sword lunge Slayer (beheaded phase Liu)

XX-leg collapse Sword (Yu Hayashi)

XXI knee wrist flower stand sword (Mainstay)


XXII, shock foot squatting next step stab sword (Governance Han River)

Xxiii, curved sword tease step (Yu provision Yique)

XXIV post vacated Slayer (fire Jiaohe)

XXV, split lunges sword (off weeping crime)

XXVI, holding crouch step Li Jian (yuwang books)

Fourth paragraph

Xxvii, lifting stitch flowers into step Slayer (Yu Wang Jiao lock)

Twenty-nine, knee point cloud sword sword (Yu draw Kyushu)

Thirty, knee thorn sword (Mountain Cliff)

Thirty-one, cloud sword seated step possession of the sword (on behalf of the nursing sister)

XXXII, lunges stab sword (Han Jiang Chaozong)

33 or throw further light sword and fingers (fingers of the peak)

Thirty-four, income potential

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