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Yu Wang Quan

Yu Wang Quan

Yu Wang Quan


Yuwang boxing, is widely circulated Songshan traditional martial arts, is one of the more complete handed down ancient boxing. Is later humanities ancestors Dayu and the story of three seedlings conquest for the material, a kind of martial arts to martial action, combined with the Songshan custom martial arts for thousands of years to form, and has spread to more than 3,000 years. Yuwang boxing in the long years through constantly enrich and improve and finishing. After the formation of the Shaolin martial arts system. And draw upon the essence of Shaolin boxing, Shaolin Martial Arts absorption characteristics, and ultimately the formation of a complete system, the formation of a brave bold, express powerful, punch line, punch breath characteristics, so Yuwang boxing techniques, technology Li, style, features and Shaolin martial arts different song and co-workers.

Yuwang boxing can spread in the world, after hundreds of popularity, with its unique national style and characteristics are inseparable. For a long time, Yu Wang boxing in Dengfeng Songshan areas, especially widespread. In the past, each "teacher nest" that the era of traditional martial arts village martial arts, such as Yu hometown ancestral village, Yudu Yang village near the city of Octagon yuwang boxing boxer who most of them will, and some, such as the ancestral descent Yu Chuang Po surname, Octagon surnamed Han, Yi Yi Bay surname boxer who is considered as the YuWang boxing secrets handed down.

Yuwang boxing as self-defense, fitness sports, both with a strong combat capability, also have high ornamental value sentences, worthy of our outstanding national heritage.

Action Name

First paragraph

First, luck newspaper Quan (Gun Pirates Living Soil)

Second, the horse rack boxing (Gun parent born Yu)

Third, the lattice frame planted fist punches horse (Yu raw stone Zealand)

Fourth, hug hand lunge double penetration fist (Tigers bless)

Five empty step pressure Quan (Yu Hayashi)

Six lunge frame palm (yuwang visit to Xian)

Seven brain side lunge boxing (as a filial allegiance)

Eight, two kicker (Yu please assistant)

Nine, lunges push palm (Rehoboth granted map)

Ten, lunge frame push palm (labor body Jiaosi)

XI fit lunge stand in boxing (crown hanging disregard)

XII false step by claw (Yu as degrees)

Second paragraph

XIII horse with boxing (Yu chisel the stone)

XIV Pizhang plate elbow (Yu chisel gantry)

Fifth, and step Push palm (Mainstay)

XVI lid jump cut palm (Yu provision Yique)

XVII lunge double sought (arctic fox for cutting)

Eighth, waving arm smashing fist (according to Lord river)

XIX shake Hill (fire dragon)

XX lunge frame fist boxing (will power off the crime)

XXI lunge hook (smell drum noon husband)

XXII, arrows jump (on behalf of the nursing sister)

Xxiii, lunges counterattack palm (Peter Chong attunement)


XXIV break after nibbling Quan (Yu Wang punish python)

XXV, cross the palm (fingers of the peak)

XXVI, knee cut palm (Yu Wang Jiao lock)

Xxvii, even three punches (three had died in)

Xxviii, turn around and elbow (beheaded phase Liu)

Twenty-nine, crisscross the palm (lock witch support Qi)

Thirty, Turning Kick (Minshan down the river)

Thirty-one, horse grid elbow (Zi Tong Yu help)

XXXII, lunge double Pizhang (wrong gorge cut the dragon)

33 or Snap Boxing boxing (oxen help Yu)

Thirty-four, lunges counterattack palm (Governance mad river)

Fourth paragraph

Thirty-five, kneeling next step Chong Quan (Wanwei was Jane)

XXXVI, side kick (Yu Shu nine River)

Of 37 lunges interdigital (Yu into bare States)

Thirty-eight, light palm empty step (Jianghan Chaozong)

Thirty-ninth, single-shot foot (Mountain Cliff)

Forty vacated placed outside (something too much room)

XLI lunge newspaper rack Boxing (Shun Tak Chan Yu)

By 42 high false step boxing (Yangcheng)

Forty-three, income potential

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