Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government to implement the People's Government of Henan Province in Dengfeng City, support the implementation of views on the construction of the guidance of Chinese history and civilization heritage of innovation and demonst

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Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government to implement the People's Government of Henan Province in Dengfeng City, support the implementation of views on the construction of the guidance of Chinese history and civilization heritage of innovation and demonst

(Summary description)


Counties (cities, districts) people's government, the municipal government departments, the relevant units:

To implement the "People's Government of Henan Province in Dengfeng City, guidance to support the construction of Chinese history and civilization heritage of innovative demonstration projects" (Yu Zheng [2014] No. 41), accelerating Dengfeng City, the world's historical and cultural tourist city construction, put forward the following Views:

A full understanding of the significance of the construction of demonstration projects

1, of great significance. Chinese history and civilization heritage of innovative demonstration project is an important initiative to enhance cultural soft power, to build national pride, self-confidence, is one of the five strategic positioning of the central zone, it is to make a breakthrough in the history of Chinese civilization inheritance and innovation zones, as well as provincial party committee provinces One of the major initiatives the government to speed up the construction of Zhengzhou civilization.

Dengfeng is located in the core area of ​​the important birthplaces of Chinese history and culture, support Dengfeng City to carry forward the fine traditional culture and heritage, and promote the exchange of Chinese civilization and other civilizations of the world blend as the core content, building demonstration projects, help speed up the Zhengzhou Construction of Chinese civilization and the world civilization dialogue platform to promote the harmonious development of human civilization and the world; help speed up the Zhengzhou China take the lead in the history of civilization innovation zones breakthroughs, highlighting Zhengzhou cultural heritage, the cultural core of remodeling, and promote cultural development and prosperity of the Central Plains; help speed up the construction of cultural tourism functional areas of the metropolitan area of ​​Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou further enhance capacity and radiation; help accelerate Zhengzhou explore the cultural tourism industry as the leading resource-based development path of urban transformation, to become the first economic development zone in the Central Plains vanguard, leader and core growth pole, lifting Zhengzhou important regional center in the central city status.

2, the guiding ideology. Adhere to the scientific concept of development as guidance, and comprehensively implement the party's 18, eighth Second, Third and Fourth Plenary Session and General Secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, according to the government's overall plan, focusing on the history of Chinese civilization Inheritance and innovation, focusing on international exchange and cooperation among civilizations, focusing on the economic and cultural integration and development to protect the heritage-based, brand forum for the carrier to extend industrial development, accelerate the inheritance and innovation of Chinese history and civilization demonstration construction, accelerate the construction of cultural tourism, health, health services for the leading high-growth modern industrial system, accelerate the construction of an important platform for the world's historical and cultural tourism city, Zhengzhou and strive to build the spiritual home of the Chinese nation, Chinese civilization and show window, the national cultural heritage protection and utilization demonstration area.

3, the development principles. Adhere to conservation priorities, properly handle the relationship between protection and development; adhere to innovation and development, encourage institutional mechanisms, resource integration and other aspects of a pilot; adhere to the integration of development, the promotion of cultural tourism and primary industry, secondary industry coordinated development; adhere to open development to guide the formation of the Economic and Social round opening pattern.

4, strategic positioning. Construction of a "world into" heritage protection and heritage as a breakthrough in the Chinese history and civilization heritage of innovation pilot area; construction of "Songshan Forum - China's civilization and dialogue of civilizations" to support civilization dialogue platform has broad international impact; Construction of historical and cultural relics, natural landscapes and leisure experiences, featuring wide international influence in the world historical and cultural tourism city; construction of cultural industry cluster development to lead the restructuring and development of resource-based city demonstration area.

5. Development Goals. By 2020, make Zhengzhou Historical Civilization core area status has been significantly improved and consolidated, Songshan forum become civilized dialogue platform with extensive international influence; resources city transformation and development made significant progress, cultural tourism, health, health, high growth services to lead a modern industrial system basically formed, the tertiary industry reached more than 40%; significantly improved the ecological environment, the forest coverage rate reached 45%; initially built cultural prosperity and economic development, ecological and beautiful, harmonious world community historical and cultural tourism city.

Second, the task

(A) the construction of an important base of Chinese history and civilization inheritance and innovation

6, strengthen the protection of cultural heritage, promotion of cultural heritage. The demonstration projects and sustainable protection of cultural heritage combine to continuously improve the "world into" historical buildings world heritage protection and management. The demonstration projects and promoting urbanization combined strengthen the ancient ruins, ancient architecture, city, town, ancient villages, ancient houses, trees protection. Intensify efforts to protect intangible cultural heritage, build the intangible cultural heritage performances exhibition center, heritage and encourage development of traditional skills and promote "Living Protection" intangible cultural heritage. Strengthen the historical and cultural relics and heritage museum shows the use of the system display system construction of Songshan area, the depth of excavation explain the value of heritage resources.

Attach importance to training staff for management and protection of cultural heritage and enhance citizens' awareness of heritage protection and guide social forces to jointly safeguard the cultural heritage of mankind. Strengthen cultural books edited and published, promoting books digitized resources. Shaolin Chan Wu cultural heritage of innovation, the use of inheritance and innovation of the path, and further explore the Shaolin cultural resources, extend the industrial chain of Shaolin martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen strengthen cultural pluralism art form developed film, animation, musicals and live performance, etc. promote Shaolin martial arts industry has become an important support in Zhengzhou City Cultural Construction.

7, strengthen cultural studies, promote cultural exchange and innovation. In an international perspective and an open mind, planning and construction of Chinese civilization and world civilization exchange exhibition base, and gradually to fight the highlight of the Central Plains culture, reflects the comprehensive capabilities of Chinese civilization connotation, assembly services, exhibition, research, training, business and other in one of the world civilization dialogue platform.

The establishment of international and domestic intelligence support network, inviting the world more civilized cultures, religions school representatives, academic leaders, experts and scholars, cultural figures, participation of Chinese civilization and world civilization studies. Hire world-renowned experts and scholars to open up research column, construction of cultural production and research bases, the promotion of cultural research Confucianism, Zen, Taoism, martial arts and other cultural productive forces to create a group of ideological, artistic, ornamental unity of cultural products, showing cultural charm.

(B) actively promote the construction of the world's historical and cultural tourism city

8, strengthen planning guidance. Adhere to the construction of the world's historical and cultural tourism city taking on, in strict accordance with the "world historical and cultural tourism city of Dengfeng concept plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Almost Regulation"), the Steering accelerate Dengfeng City Master Plan and controlling detailed planning and urban preparation of design and other related programs at all levels, develop and implement an "Almost regulation" of the two-year action plan and downtown Dengfeng city planning and construction management guidelines, to promote the urban planning and construction of the foundation.

9, optimize the layout of the city scene. In accordance with the principle of "City view blend, King City one", overall planning, rational distribution, the formation of "one city, two areas, one axis, two belts, two wedges, two hearts," the spatial pattern, constructed with natural landscapes and historic and cultural sites command of the space system for the city. "One city, two areas" that is the main starting point planning and construction of Dengfeng city including the Old City and East New, improve the city's comprehensive service functions; "one axis, two zones" that Shaolin Avenue, urban development axis, to form a "world into" historical buildings and cultural context as the basis of a linear cultural landscape zone and the ring road Songshan tourism relying on the natural landscape, to strengthen the organic connection resorts and urban areas; "two wedge" that is to build goose Poe - Zhou Feng sacrificial altar green wedges YueMiao - too much room Que green wedge, building green ecological city; "two hearts" that strengthen the international tourism services, to enhance and accelerate the planning and construction of old city in eastern New Area to build the Old Town and the eastern part of the International Tourist Service Center City District Business center.

10, shaping the image of the historical and cultural city. In "Almost regulation" for the program, according to global tourism, urban and rural areas of philosophy, adhere to conservation priorities, innovation and development, construction management, principles of moderate development of the cultural tourism industry development and new urbanization construction combined with the effective protection of cultural heritage and natural landscape under the premise of tourism resources, highlighting the urban cultural characteristics and history heritage, highlighting the key nodes of urban construction as the starting point to drive cluster development, area-type development. Focus on strengthening key areas of the city entrances, roads and other urban cultural symbol node display, promotion of urban culture.

Science handling the relationship between protection and urban development of the historical and cultural city, a clear urban form style, ancient pattern, traditional neighborhoods and villages characteristic style protection focus, reasonably determine the timing and construction of the development node, promote co-ordination. Construction of Chinese Astronomy Museum, cultural Zhou Feng sacrificial altar of sacrifices parks and other cultural shows typical history of Chinese civilization to show the use of core qualities.

Focus on promoting the transformation of the core area of ​​the historic district, to restore the ancient Ming and Qing style Dengfeng, repair Temple, the Qing Dynasty city wall, Song Yang House site, Han noble city ruins, Kosuke House and other historical buildings, a modest recovery Liu Hu Dong, Gao Hu Dong, China Yuemiao days Street Historic District, restore ancient commercial activities, reshape the local residential courtyards and historical street style; rational development of museum resources, strengthening historical and cultural sites and the traditional style of the preservation and presentation; establish and improve the modern public cultural service system, science planning and construction of libraries, cultural centers, stadiums, museums and other public cultural facilities; explore the city and cultural resources, the cultural elements into urban construction, to create distinctive image of the city, construction of historical context is clear, distinct regional characteristics, rich cultural atmosphere of charm mountain .

11, and actively promote the planning and implementation. In accordance with the "one body, two vectors," the overall plan, stick with the slope on the potential not digging, let it not pond filling, according to the principle of non-deforestation tree landscaping, play industrial clustering support, leading role, co-ordinate urban and community building, strengthening the city's interactive integration of production, accelerate the integration of urban and rural development.

Preferred embodiment of the road network project around the needs of the city's best domestic tourist traffic travel destinations, accelerate the construction set intercity railway, highways, trunk roads, travel channel as one of the integrated transport system in urban and resort development slow traffic, make travel and leisure is more convenient; accelerate economic restructuring and development, historical and cultural tourist destinations around the world build and promote businesses to make adaptations, the focus should moderate rehabilitation of the old city Ming city, YueMiao something days Street and other city core cultural tourist attraction, to promote urban and resort interactive exchanges; vigorously develop cultural tourism does not conflict with the new industrial, tourism and cultural integration of modern agriculture, tourism and cultural relevance of the current is not strong industry, to gradually migrate to the mines and the old industrial area agglomeration; in strict accordance with the "Regulation shall" requirement, the buffer zone mountains, historic axis, three visual corridor, the main channel into the Dengfeng as a key building height control, for new buildings to strictly control development intensity and building height; innovative ways and means to integrate various elements of resources to accelerate the parks, green spaces, water, landscape and public transportation, travel services and other public service system and the water, electricity, gas, heating, sewage treatment and other infrastructure construction, improve the urban functions, and enhance the carrying capacity of the city, efforts to achieve urban infrastructure construction, "five" objectives (ie: functional environment construction, infrastructure construction landscape, cultural atmosphere of personalized travel service system supporting, interpersonal affection technology), to create fully functional, distinctive, attractive international tourist service center and national historical and cultural experiences, leisure and healthful tourist destination.

(C) Construction of cultural tourism, health, health services for the leading high-growth modern industrial system

12, highlighting the development of cultural tourism industry. Adhere to culture is the soul, the body travel, industry-oriented, focusing perfect "meals, lodging, travel shopping entertainment" functional elements, promote mutual integration of cultural tourism industry and three industrial sectors, to create a number of multi format, complex cultural tourism industrial area, forming "an industry leading, multi-industry simultaneously," the pattern of industrial development, accelerate the scenic tourist city tours, sightseeing from sightseeing to leisure, from economy to industrial economy ticket, from the industrial economy to a city's economy. Building "world into" cultural tourism industry park, nurturing effort performing arts, animation games, home design, arts and crafts and other creative industry clusters, to create the country's major cultural and creative industry demonstration base. Actively implement the tourism product brand construction, increase cultural products, tourism products, services, product development efforts, cultural connotation depth of excavation, "Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism," actively use modern technology and advanced business model, to promote the use of traditional cultural elements activation construct Features technology, quality, high-end cultural tourism product system. Promote work brigade combine foster the development of industrial tourism, exploring coal mines, power plants, aluminum science tourism, tourist souvenirs and processing exhibitions and cultural tourism related tour format, the potential for the formation of special industries. To develop rural tourism, and strive to promote agricultural brigades Hing. Strengthen the protection of traditional villages, building historical memory, geographical features beautiful countryside and tourist town, and actively develop rural leisure travel experience, rural landscape with the concept, the concept of agricultural tourism business, with the election only way to cultivate farmers, promote rural areas, agriculture and farmers obtain synchronization transformation and upgrading and development. Focus on building southeast of Big Bear Mountain, Baishahu other leisure tourism industrial area to the north and south and northwest of interactive "world into" historical buildings, Songshan Scenic Area and other cultural tourism industrial area, convergence and coordinated development, and gradually form text brigade blend, King City integration, urban and rural, the global tourism industry development pattern of cultural tourism.

13, to develop health services. Dengfeng advantage to play in the cultural, ecological, location, etc., and develop distinctive health, health services, allowing it to carry out market access, finance, land, tax, human resources, technology and service models, development management, exploration and innovation, first to try to create a national health and leisure industry base. The development of martial arts instructors, recreational sports oriented physical fitness industry, organized by the International Shaolin Wushu Festival, an international mountain bike race, Songshan climbing competitions and other international and mass sports events, the well-known health-building sports base. The introduction of well-known brands of high-end medical institutions or health service institutions, to encourage their set up branches in Dengfeng, inheritance and innovation of traditional culture of health, research and development of Confucian School of Mind, meditation Buddhism, Taoism health and other health care products, nurture Chinese herbs, Chinese health , biological health, health, health care services and other special services industry, take the opportunity to form Chengyuan, distinctive, fully functional scientific facilities, with the core competitiveness of health services chain.

14, to promote the development of supporting services speed. And consider the national holiday demand, strengthen the tourism service facilities, improve services, expand space for development of tourism. Further improve public cultural service network, improve the supply of cultural goods and services capabilities, achieve standardization of public cultural services, equal. Featured accelerate the commercial district and the central business district, improve the professional market system, construction of urban complex featuring shopping streets, leisure areas and cultural world brand outlets, creating distinctive, advanced format, functional, consumer convenience of travel and trade center. Actively develop high-quality star hotel, theme hotel, resort property rights, support the development of cultural Dengfeng real estate, tourism, real estate, pension and real estate and other new formats. Accelerate the construction of connecting passenger distribution point, residential areas and tourist resorts in the ring Songshan dedicated pedestrian access and rapid transit systems. Improve tourism logo guide service system, establish and improve the tourism emergency and response mechanisms, building facilities, fully functional, service standards, quick response tourism public service system, accelerate the pace of tourists to Central Dengfeng distribution, and gradually build "world into Perception Plains tourist hub. " Use Dengfeng among regional advantages Zhengbian Los middle ground, so to the Central Plains tourism team and guests traveling by car, the Dengfeng as the first goal, room and board in Dengfeng, cultural experiences as a starting point in Dengfeng, again surrounding radiation.

(Iv) to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization

15, united to build an ecological civilization. The construction of ecological civilization as the core competitiveness to build around the "clear water, mountains, blue sky" construction goal, vigorously implement the "standing water, planting trees, haze rule" projects to speed up green development, cycle development, low-carbon development. Support to the city of Dengfeng City Ying River water system reconstruction and restoration and other water management as the focus, irrigation integrated engineering, scientific development and utilization of water resources, build flood control, Hennessy, ecological utilization project system. Undertake a comprehensive drinking water source protection areas and river water environment, and ensure drinking water sources, surface water up to the national long-term stability surface water quality standards. To carry out water-saving cities to create the work, the implementation of high-water industry saving technological transformation, strengthening recycled water and mine water recycling, promote water conservation, improve water security capabilities. Intensify afforestation efforts, and actively create a national ecological garden city, accelerate the implementation of the Songshan ecological restoration, environmental protection, afforestation mountain, urban greening projects, enhance capacity of water conservation Soil and Water Conservation, increasing forest coverage. The implementation of total energy consumption and energy consumption intensity dual control, the development of green building, building green ecological city. Accelerating the air pollution control, water pollution control and rural environment "and environment protection action plan" to strengthen comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution, promote self-repair the ecological environment, and strive to fight the Dengfeng evergreen, three quarters of flowering of Zhengzhou city After the garden area.

Third, policy support

16, pilot. Support Dengfeng City in the new urbanization, cultural tourism resource integration and management system reform pilot.

17, optimization assessment system. The right to establish differentiated performance evaluation system, with the county (city) economic and social development objective methods to evaluate an appropriate increase in cultural tourism, ecological protection, livelihood improvement and other performance indicators, weight.

18, speed up industrial development. Cf. Executive provincial industrial clustering preferential policies to support accelerate Dengfeng "world into" cultural tourism industrial park and infrastructure, in order to promote cultural exchanges, cultural experiences, leisure and tourism, health, health, arts Shaolin Kung Fu show, cultural and creative as the main cultural tourism industry development and prosperity. The introduction of new cultural tourism, health, health industry projects, focusing on the Dengfeng layout. Dengfeng support policies and funding for national independence mining areas restructuring, accelerate the transformation of resources cities. The Dengfeng major infrastructure, cultural tourism, health, health priority projects to declare the provincial key projects, and the approval of the project, terms of financial security, land supply and other support.

19, advancing infrastructure. Dengfeng City water security for the focus to support efforts to solve water problems by speeding up to build ecological water and water infrastructure. Actively seek the support of relevant departments of national, provincial and accelerating the Zhengzhou International Airport - Dengfeng intercity railway, Shangqiu - Dengfeng highway construction, accelerate the implementation of Dengfeng City in the national and provincial trunk highways and rural roads upgrading, to build an integrated transportation system .

20, personnel protection policy. Support Dengfeng introduction of the "thousands of plans," "Hundred" talent. Encourage the introduction understand cultural, and business management, good management of compound talents. Encourage the introduction of academic and research institutions, cultural and creative agencies gather Dengfeng City. Establish demonstration projects talent pool, build business platform to provide intellectual support. Accelerate the construction of Chinese history and civilization heritage of innovative demonstration project is the provincial government to speed up the construction of the central zone of important decisions, is the core spirit of Yu Zheng [2014] No. 41 document. Government departments should stand central zone, building height Zhengzhou metropolitan area, according to the division of responsibilities seriously study supports demonstration projects to develop specific policy measures in the planning, industrial development, investment, project promotion, infrastructure respect, institutional innovation, etc. to give guidance and support. All concerned to perform their duties responsibly, tough tackling, and concerted efforts, promoting, and strive to build itself into an international quality Dengfeng, international reputation and influence in the world historical and cultural tourism city.

December 31, 2014

Organizer: Municipal Government Office eight supervision: the municipal government office eight

Cc: MUNICIPAL departments, Zhengzhou garrison.

Municipal People 's Congress, the General Office of the CPPCC, the Municipal Court, City Procuratorate.

Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government Office January 4, 2015 issued

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