Shun cultural heritage practice note


Shun cultural heritage practice note

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Shun cultural heritage practice note

(Summary description)

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Thirty-five television series, "Dashun" crank press conference. Shungeng ancient arch

□ Wang Wei

Splendid Chinese culture gave birth to the ancient Chinese people, the ancient nation to be the driving force behind the development and expansion, is the history of ancient Chinese civilization created by mankind a mighty, and one to maintain the soul of the Chinese nation's traditional Chinese culture roots Shun is the culture. - Inscription author

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Ehuang British memorial of Emperor Shun of the story.

Since Shun Dinan patrol, E Wong and the British woman on the night of Emperor Shun look forward to an early return. Sisters know that this trip to the south, one of the distance, the second is frail Emperor Shun, will certainly encounter many twists and turns along the way. So the two sisters discuss, we packed up and went to the South to find Emperor Shun. They hurry hard way, when they come to the Xiangjiang River, but to hear the news of the death of Emperor Shun, they can not help but cry.

Take a look at the Xiangjiang River, attached to the mountain peaks, Emperor Shun buried where? I do not know. They walked hand in hand on the waterfront, recalling the past, three people live in harmony, happiness, sadness could not help them, they cry, tears fell on the riverside bamboo, their crying, while walking, while walking , while crying, the Xiangjiang River bamboo in the wind also issued a sobbing voice, as if the two sisters and weep together. Ehuang British tears on bamboo leaves a trail of tears. After commemorate them, it will be referred to the owner of this bamboo.

Eventually, Ehuang Britain disappeared. Some say they to follow Emperor Shun, she jumped into the Xiangjiang River, was also said that God was they moved, they sealed when God Xiang River.

Yao, Shun and Yu is the story of the founder of the Shang and Zhou.

Xia dynasty is the civilized society into first class society, slave-owning class is a vibrant real tigers. Engels "in Anti-Duhring," in said: "Under the prevailing conditions, the use of slavery is a huge step forward." The birth of the community, is not accidental, it is the inevitable outcome was the development of productivity.

1. Yao, Shun and Yu's era is the era of national development prototype of an entry. ⑴ has been formed to rule the network from a central place. ⑵ With a unified national army. The army is the main component of the country, the army is the implementation of the national political tasks of armed groups. ⑶ a unified law. Yao and Shun era, private ownership in the development process sharply inevitably produce large amounts of slaves, although the old nobility at all levels to maintain a certain kinship, but a new form of class antagonism has been more obvious, and thus Shun implementation of the "five punishments" the rule of law, so that when the whole society is in a relatively stable state.

2. Organization Network city, town and village has been formed. Cities have emerged, as Engels affirmed that, "They have crown the tower of civilization." And the biggest feature of civilization is this: in the cities of the "leading", driven by still more than the city Yap this "dragon waist" also mature, while the town formed around the village became a huge "tail" . Village, town, city three naturally becomes a big chain closely linked, forming a deposit both a deposit, not a death Ju Wang against the interests of the community. The composition of the organic whole of large, medium and small flesh and blood cells and the overall interests of the country, so in mature countries is moving forward. Shun and Yu flood control, if there is no strong central ruling group decision, that decision did not represent authoritative command, no national city, town, and village levels fully support the administration of the network, to achieve the overall planning and downstream, around Shore comprehensive treatment is not possible. So flood unity, unity in the flood, was an important symbol of national matures.

3. As an important part of the cultural superstructure enter an unprecedented period of prosperity.

Text has been applied. Text is an important manifestation of the emergence and development of civilization.

According to Mr. Wu Guozhen in "China's traditional" record book, there are more than 800 words the Yellow Emperor, and to the Shang Pangeng era, Oracle has unearthed more than 5,000 words. Yao and Shun era Longshan culture, not only fully inherited, defended and developed Dawenkou culture, but again a brilliant cultural heritage to Yue Shi Xia Dynasty period. Yao, Shun and Yu and Yue Longshan culture between the past and the role played stone.

In addition, religious culture flourished at that time developed. Shun is the performer and promoter of religious culture. He came to the throne, went around Hunting, worship heaven and earth, and the provisions of the complex religious rituals. At the time of low productivity, people desire to live strong, and medical technology is far less than it needs to survive the conditions of religious culture does play organized people, the role of the people unite, educate the public, so that people from those who see the spirit unconquerable natural phenomena to be deeply sustenance.

The final completion of the unification of three seedlings. At that time, severe flooding, complex affairs of state, the already old Emperor Yao and Shun can only give way to a hearing. Later, he was put down with no time to regret three seedlings died, and he knew three seedlings are not uniform, and the world is difficult to put down. But

How can put down three seedlings, is serving justice or levy war, which

Thorny problem only by his successor Shun to decisions of.

Shun deeply know, three seedlings have a huge military power and economic strength, the two sides continue a battle, not only suffer, it is difficult to win, and made under grudges deeper, so when three seedlings seek to conquer approach, to take stock of the situation Shun the semantic features decisions. Results standoff after three years, and finally to the end of a hard-fought negotiations reconciliation. To the world as any of Emperor Shun always worried about three seedlings of reconciliation, political commitment to the world of his five-year Hunting made him in later years to the south, and finally died in the south, and put his body buried in Jiuyishan a political pledge to show the north and south peace forever. Phenomenological perspective, China's reunification, and peace and harmony, but the fact is that unity is temporary, dispersed opposition risks still exist. Yu took office facing how we can strengthen this seemingly unified situation, that is how he inherited Yao, Shun's behest, to complete a truly unified Kyushu.

In fact, Yu has been on three seedlings heart, and alert times, and the three Miao Yu-shun and contemptuous again, waiting to rebel. According to historical biography, Yu after the ruling monarchy in the process of establishing the internal seedlings of three hawks continue to use force to subjugate, Yu led the 5000 crack Sanmiao south, the opposition introduced the threat of force, resulting in three seedlings Internal opposition to mobilize people to flee the area south of the Han River, and some fled into the high mountains southwest. As a result, greatly strengthened the regime's reign of Yu, three seedlings along finally settle down. Yu has requested the establishment of the reign of Emperor Shun governing body, appointed a large number of officers and the establishment of a strict examination reward system, reorganization and rationalization of the city, town and village levels institutional networks. After Shun and Yu the joint efforts of two generations, according to Mr. Zheng Guomao in the "Emperor Shun mystery" described: "As Emperor Shun refresh strong political, create and improve the national system, making Yu and Qi breezed established Xia Dynasty of Chinese history. "Although the establishment of the Xia Dynasty is easy, there are still many complicated contradictions and problems, but by the Yao set up by Shun performed by Yu complete unification is the trend of people The direction. Xia dynasty birth fruition, is straightforward.

5. The family is the fundamental unit of life of the social basis of the Xia Dynasty established. Huaxia and Dongyi achieve a real sense of the future coalition, in the north of the Yangtze River "public world", the Central Military Group manages several ancient and tribal. These ancient and tribal and clan management with almost kinship. In patriarchal societies still exist, some people enslave another part of the phenomenon develop in the current archaeological tombs have become ubiquitous, slavery is legal, but in the idea of ​​Yao and Shun rule, the slavery is not cruel opposition rule. In the reign of this civilization, ancient and tribal chiefs to become the king of the nation state, and to patriarchy as the representative of the patriarch acts as the State of the officials, they have GuoBang all internal land and property, for management convenience, These officials in turn divided into layers of Yap, Yap below by land area the size and condition of the original village gather and set up the village, according to kinship and surname relations and establish a family. This family relations despite retaining the tribal marks, but has been out of the clan to patriarchal domination and become the core of the patriarchal, patriarchy is in strict accordance with the level of seniority and Belong to determine the relationship between parental far different noble rank position. This time, class antagonism is not so sharp intense relationship, the population is divided into freemen (mostly clan members), Lebanon (in labor) and three slaves, most of them can in this primitive patriarchal system of production and living, This is the fundamental social basis of the birth of the Xia Dynasty. Of course, such a system is in sharp form after Yu emperor, Longshan culture fell into decline, Yue Shi began to rise in the period. Social forms of this period are the following seven characteristics: ⑴ private ownership dramatically forward. ⑵ class differentiation has become increasingly evident. ⑶ further consolidate power politics. ⑷ improving the legal system. ⑸ social order comprehensive specification. ⑹ significantly accelerate the pace of economic development. ⑺ state form matures.

Marxist analysis point of view, it means the emergence of private ownership of family formation, and the formation of private ownership of the country's economic base is generated. Family formation of a student

Production units, is based on the division of Patriarchy exists, it is a private ownership society, the simplest, most small, basic social cells. "Serving the country", but this time is not only recognized his mother did not recognize his father's matriarchal era, nor is patrilineal clan period, but there has been an era of family based on private ownership, which is the social civilization a major threshold, this time it is Yao, Shun and Yu Longshan Culture period when three generations of leaders of the ruling.

So, Yao Yu is the founder of the Xia, Shang civilization, is the pioneer of unified slave.

Mr. Xu Beiwen finally said with emotion, he told these stories, not his or anyone else making things coined in many history books are recorded, such as "Book", "Historical Records", "Zuo Zhuan", and the hole Meng thinkers book can be found. Xi Jinping as general secretary, referring to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream talked about: "dig and explained the value of Chinese traditional culture of the times speak of love, Zhongmin this, observe integrity, Chong Zhengyi, yet harmony, seek common ground so that Chinese traditional culture has become an important source of Conservation socialist core values. " The story is also a way to express the image of good moral character of these Chinese nation.

Jinan City Cultural and Shun Shun

From 1992 to 2002, Xie Yutang in Jinan City, a decade when the mayor. Since then he attached great importance to Shun culture. He presided over the construction of command Springs Plaza, the Shun as a cultural corridor in the first celebrities; at his initiative, Shun farming in place of Shungeng conducted a high level of expansion, so grand building blend with the natural and cultural landscape. And donated by Mr. Hong Ke Lide, Mr. Fan Zeng personally designed, Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi name engraved title Shun Shun towering bronze statue stands Villa center. Later, at a cost of 500 million yuan villa built north Shungeng Convention Center. Opposite the Convention Center as well as a Shungeng set hall, dining, entertainment, fitness center as a whole, called Shunhuayuan upscale community. Wen Shun name from the universal guests perennial, its revenue has been among the first of Jinan City.

Xie Yutang should the author's request, is pleased to introduce the history and culture Jinan Shun.

Jinan City is the Dashun hard over the place, since ancient times, retains a large number of cultural relics and landscape Shun, Alexandra (also known as Shun ancient hill, now known as the Thousand Buddha Mountain), Li Shun mountain temple, the E Baotu Ying Temple, Daming Lake in Wenshao Court, Shun Jing Shun Jing street, have a close relationship with Shun, it is well-known attractions. Jinan city card, studded with many cultural symbols: "Spring City", "Poetry City", "Celebrity City", "tourist city" and "sun city" has always been the most important title in Jinan city, which many in Jinan The Shun cultural relics are inextricably linked. Now, in the streets of Jinan City, everywhere Shun video track. Shunyu Road, Shun Geng Road, Shunjing Street, Sun City ...... Jinan Shun also to Shungeng named primary and secondary schools, with a "Shun" word of shops, many hundreds of types of enterprises, highlighting the Shun Jinan culture brings a rich cultural heritage.

Qianfoshan Shun Temple.

Shun Temple, also known as "re-Hua Dian", "the China Association for Emperor Temple", in the southeast Qianfoshan Alexandra Hospital, a long history. Wei Li Tao Yuan (about 470--527 years) in his "Waterways" wrote: "south of the mountains, the mountains there are sun temple." Daoyuan leave such a fine little record, not only in thousands Foshan in fifteen hundred years ago built a sun temple left evidence, while also providing an important basis for the "Shungeng Mountain" research.

Third Temple.

There is little domestic worship Yao, Shun and Yu the "Third Temple" building, which comes from "Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors," the legend of ancient China. Alexandra hospital "Third Temple" Shun Temple in the west, is one of Shun Temple of the side hall.

Hall a plastic Yao, Shun and Yu seated, center Yao, Shun and Yu ranks around. South wall east of the "Dayu map", the south wall of the west side, "Yu Feng Shang map", the Department of flood control, active with the ministers accepted Shun raised him. Dongbi "Governance Kyushu map", the west wall was "Hou farming map."

Alexandra Hospital Third Temple is Shun of extending cultural content, the scene inside the halls as if the people back to the ancient murals depicting beautiful and combined with legends and history, reflects the memory of future generations to Shun and Memorial.

E Ying Temple.

Baotu side, is the Baotu a monument. After the reign of Emperor Shun, peace and order, many of whom have the power Ehuang help in the British, so loved by the people. According to legend, Ehuang British Emperor Shun died in Hunan Jiuyishan hear the bad news, South Point weep, shed tears turned into a bubbling spring water gushing. Jinan folk saying in the past: Ehuang British farewell tears, turned into spring water pearls. The two big yin Dade woman, to cultural and psychological state of the Chinese nation has a huge impact, so future generations Lici commemorate them.

Shun Jing.

Shun Jing Street is now the Tang and Song Dynasties Shunjing site, built the original Shun Park, Xiang Fei pavilion. Shun Jing Shun Jing street now, he said Shun-chuen, Shun Jingquan, where the name of Stephen. Shun Jing Lishan Shungeng According to legend, when the big dig wells, the locals think it's Shun left their inexhaustible grace millennium, it is particularly valuable. Masters history to Jinan, the will to pay homage and leave precious Shunjing handed down poems.

Shun Shun Jing beside Temple.

Shun Jing mentioned, well known, but there is next to Shun Jing Shun Temple knew nothing about. Early in the North Weishi Shun Shun Jing Temple and dependent phase. Northern Wei Dynasty, named Li Temple, later called Shun Temple, Shun Temple, Yu Tai Temple, Shun Wong Temple. After several rounds of expansion and reconstruction, to the Yuan Dynasty formed a magnificent religious buildings.

Shun Temple is an ancient Jinan highest specifications, the existence of the longest temples, Song Yuan, Ming period, it is a Jinan attractions, with high visibility and strong appeal.

Alexandra Hospital.

Alexandra Hospital is located in the Thousand Buddha Mountain Kokokuji east, is a rectangular courtyard, covering 3,000 square meters.

To commemorate Shun under Alexandra wasteland farming, celebrate the ancient enlightened ruler, Shun promote culture, so the courtyard named "Alexandra hospital."

Shun and Rock Garden.

Shun Stone Reclining Figure park is located in Jinan, east side of hundred meters Qianfoshan jungle, where flowers and clusters, quiet. Naming and Rock Park, pun, both the image "map", and

Totem of "Fig." Nine stone pillars engraved with the sun, and its story is divided myths, legends, ancient history into three parts. According to figures from the Qin and Han modeling engraved murals, portraits of stone, brick and Mawangdui portrait painting on silk and so on, it is simple and elegant. It is a landscape with its own characteristics, in order to promote Shun culture has played an important role.

Wenshao Court.

Ancient Daming Lake also has Shun cultural landscape, such as the North bank kiosk, Wenshao Court, Wenshao Taiwan. Now, in the new expansion project Daming Lake, again built a Wenshao Court.

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