With a tour group - Henan and Shaanxi link Highlights Tour

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With a tour group - Henan and Shaanxi link Highlights Tour

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1, this trip is FIT fight groups, non accompanied tour;

2, aircraft line in advance at least 90 minutes to reach the airport check-in, please bring a valid ID card for adults, children under 16 years of age with valid accounts of the original (16 years of age must carry ID card) boarding and keep it; train line in advance at least 1 hour to reach the train station waiting, with a good valid ID card, and keep it;

3, group purchasing attraction tickets for travel agents, tour if not reclaim any fees;

4, free activities recommended to bring a good hotel business card, and pay attention to personal and property safety;

5. Visitors are advised to voluntarily buy personal accident insurance, personal accident insurance company Sun Life provisions: the insured person younger than 2 years of age or greater than 80 years of age, not be insured; the insured person is greater than the age of 2 years old but less than 18 years, the premium unchanged, death insurance amount not more than 100,000 yuan; is greater than the insured person 75 years old but less than 80 years, the same premium, the insurance amount is 50% of the above criteria;

6, children price criteria: children under 12 years of age aircraft line containing air tickets, local fare, guide service, meals, no bed, free attraction tickets, generate additional charges parents themselves, children over 12 years of age the price is negotiable; Children under 1.1 meters train line containing only local fare, guide service, meal, no bed, free attractions tickets, excluding round-trip train ticket; 1.1-1.5 m children half-price ticket-only train hard seat, local fare, guide service , meals, no bed, free attractions tickets, parents themselves have other charges;

7, this line tickets for the travel team tickets, once a vote shall not be endorsable must not retreat may not change, or will cause a corresponding loss;

8, guests holding military officer, student cards, reporters cards, old cards, etc. can enjoy ticket discounts, according to the travel agency discount refund or a local guide who returned after the signing of the tour guides refund. For personal reasons such as temporary visitors voluntarily give tours, room, meals, car, entrance fee is not refundable;

9, Henan, Shaanxi historical and cultural city in northern cities belong to the majority-star hotel built around 2000, and the coastal areas the hotel facilities and services may be compared to the gap, please understand

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