Central Plains culture and leisure seven Tour

(Summary description)

Central Plains culture and leisure seven Tour

(Summary description)


Service standards:

Accommodation: Hotel accommodation (where there is a single man or woman visitor from the single room supplement); Transportation: round-trip train hard, local air-conditioned coach;

Meals: trip including local halal meals (Yuntaishan not listed halal meals Hui please bring your own food), three early five positive (10 / table);

Tickets: travel attractions listed in the first tickets (note: self Longmen Grottoes battery from the car 10 yuan / person, the temple and from 20 yuan / person)

Guide: full outstanding guide service, excellent to take guided tours; insurance: travel agency liability insurance; Shopping: full three shopping stores.

Henan Travel Notes: Travel Tips

1. Henan Province, Henan dialect the main language, Mandarin generic big city in the province.

2. travel, pay attention to health, do not eat raw food, raw seafood, stripped of fruit, do not patronize unlicensed street stalls, to prevent overeating. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables

3. The main characteristic flavor Henan Luoyang water I really different, Zhengzhou Xiao Kee noodle, Kaifeng Guantang package, the Shaolin vegetarian and so on.

4. Do not act alone during the tour, left the group, if lost, please call the Friends of the group for help or to call the police, remain calm, do not worry, tourists with children, see themselves and their children, can not let the children alone pay attention to safety during the tour.

5. There are many temples were Songshan temple, they are the focus of tourists visit quite likes to shop, but the tourists at the temple when traveling to keep in mind there are four bogey mind, in order to avoid disputes and unhappiness.

A bogey call properly

The monasteries of monks, Taoist should be known as the "teacher" or "master", and presided over the monks should be called "elder", "abbot", "Master."

Second, avoid improper etiquette

Meet with monks salute way hands together, bow slightly or single hand vertical palm on the chest, head slightly, avoid shaking hands, hugging and other improper etiquette.

Three bogey improper conversation

Chat with Taoist monks, we should not refer to the killing of speech, marriage matter, as well as meat and other edible fishy, ​​then, in order to avoid resentment monks.

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