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Development plan

Development plan

Development plan


(A) cultural guide strategy

Dig cultural resources to enhance the vitality of the tourism industry. In the succession of traditional culture, based on selected core cultural values, focusing on the visual culture of the carrier by means of all-round display, focused on its value fully interactive, focusing on the experience of tourists mood to meet, it is important around the core develop value hierarchy, serial and high-quality cultural tourism products, so the birth of power in the cultural tourism industry, adding vitality, highlighting the charm to create a unique cultural charm and vitality of the brand tourist destination.

(B) creative-driven strategy

1. Creative mining and tourism resources - to optimize the mix of resources, and shaping industry brand foundation

Mining Dayu with creative cultural tourism resources, including both lost in real life, with a development value of tourism resources in the rescue, finishing and presentation, also includes the development and utilization of cultural resources has been done to explore the deeper cultural values, research and creative integration to achieve the purpose of optimizing the combination of tourism resources.

2. create innovative tourism products - to promote value-added industries, and enhance core competitiveness

With creativity to create cultural tourism products, mainly from the following three aspects, first select the right starting point, highlighting the product's hierarchy; the second is refining the theme, highlighting a series of product; the third is the rich cultural connotation, high-grade products highlight sex. Outstanding tourism products and cultural tourism scene or tourism environment, highlighting innovative tourism products for cultural tourism needs diversity "cultural level" of care and satisfaction. In short, the more distinctive theme tourism product, the better for creative body sub-level, multi-angle to display and design, through enhanced, full, cut, coordination, contrast and other creative tactics to get the full connotation, create for tourists the level of travel experience rich and deep product.

3. creative environment to create tourism - prompted landscaping, improve the tourism appeal

With the social development and people's quality requirements for cultural tourism promotion, tourism as a whole in today's environment planning, design to create even more should pay attention to culture and cultural connotation of the excavation, to enhance visitors traveling to mental and spiritual experiences and feelings. This requires the tourism environment have a new expression, to be creative culture, cultural innovation; innovative ideas, creative boutique. The entire tourism environment everywhere creative, King King was culture, to support the local tourism products, served at a local external promotion of beautiful cards.

4. Creative strengthen tourism marketing - increased product channels, expand the tourist market

In order to better develop tourism, in addition to an attractive design, creative products, but also we need to strengthen marketing. One is to build a product competitive advantage, experience with creative thinking to create tourism products. The so-called "best advertising is satisfied customers, the best marketing is word of mouth of tourists", tourist reputation comes from the tourism product experience. Therefore, experiential marketing needs of tourism enterprises from producers of tourism products and services, transformed into the experience of planners, tourists will feel, feel and even thinking and other demands in the creation of tourism products, and build competitive advantage. Second, the goal of establishing brand loyalty tourist market, using the marketing strategy with flexible thinking. For different source markets, different tourist groups, different product systems, in terms of marketing topics, marketing content, form of marketing, marketing channels, using different marketing strategies.

5. lead the creative tourism consumption - upgrading the consumption structure and enhance tourism fashion

Tourism is "moving" through handling tourists spending power handling, and consumption gathered crowd, industry gathering. That the development of tourism relies on how cultural and creative effects to achieve handling it? With goods increasingly rich and tend to homogenization of people for goods or services included in intangible additions, such as taste, feel, feel, taste, meaning and so more likely to have "resonance" with the recognition and vigorously pursue. On the one hand, tourism can enhance creative content consumption culture tourism products and help promote the transformation and upgrading of the consumption patterns of consumption structure; on the other hand, tourism consumption is layered, creative tourism can stimulate consumer desire potential tourists, enhance the consumer level, expand the consumer space. This is to attract investment, to achieve a virtuous cycle of consumer demand, economic development and tourism plays an important role in further promoting the optimization and upgrading of the tourism industry structure to achieve sustained economic growth of tourism.

(C) industry support strategy

Under the guidance of the cultural and creative drive, with tourism as the leading composite other related industries, and the mutual interaction of tourism and cultural and creative drive between the formation of a variety of new tourism formats, tourism products, handling effect through tourism, both Composite Consumer tourism can bring, but also enhance the value of cultural industries, extend the industrial chain, expand industrial space, the real fusion of between industries and prosperity.

(Iv) Multiple profit strategy

Profitable way to build is an important part of tourism development, cultural and creative industries in general management and operations have some public welfare, of their products, the consumption of the process is the process of cultural industries, tourism and cultural and creative interaction and after can profit by building sales of real estate products, development of tourism management project profitability, establish a brand profitability, earnings and other diversified product value revaluation profit model, not only to ensure rapid reflux project funds to reduce investment risk, but also to guarantee long-term projects, continued cash flow as well as the appreciation of intangible and tangible assets.

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